Welcome to Our Website! Since over 20 years we’ve been specialising in distribution of linings. Our website provides you with all required and essential information on the offered products such as: acetate, viscose and polyester lining as well as many other products belonging to clothing industry. The offer includes top new mixed linings such as acetate-polyester mixed, acetate-viscose mixed and printed linings.

What characterise us is the professionalism that we treat each customer. We can ensure fashionable colours, top quality, great customer service and term delivery.

Linings has often contact with skin what makes clothing comfortable and makes touch nice. Lining plays an important role while evaluating the product presented in store and beyond all doubt influence customer’s decision. Customers like to touch it and evaluate the quality of the whole product by the quality of its lining. That fact is often compromised in the era of savings and costs cutting. In fact the cost of good quality lining is about 5-10% of the costs of the whole product. Is it worth to save on lining if promptly chosen can couch customer’s attention?

We do our best to maintain the wide range of colours and to keep the colours on. We continuously follow the top world fashion trends (such as:. Texworld, Premiere Vision, Intertextile Shanghai, Moda Milano, Heimtextil). Acetate shade card for SUMMER season 2019 includes many courageous and still fashionable pinks, oranges, violets, blues and greens. We are not afraid to offer courageous colours because we would like to make polish products more and more attractive, interesting and fashionable. The benchmark for us is Eastern market (i.e. Russian Fashion Week) which is very demanding where many colours are used. We are keep searching all news, mixes, melanges, interesting materials and compositions so as to make possible the accomplishment of the craziest ideas of designers cooperating with us.

Studiously worked out and made clothing’s blueprints often cannot be cheap accomplished. To make clothing fashionable and on all details and sartorial accessories must be perfectly selected. It is real challenge for every designer. What we aim at is to make designer’s effort comfortable and trouble free from anything concerning linings selection to let designers concentrate on creation, not on material.

We are proud when we can help choosing accessories, supply with lining and finally see finished product and satisfied consumer.